" /> 9th May 2014 - Naomi Foyle

Houses of the Dead, a new poetry pamphlet by Fawzia Kane, is a beguiling tour through abandoned dwellings, at first still and empty, but increasingly stirred by the lingering traces of departing souls. May I tempt you with some titles? ‘House of the Vicar who Loved Too Much’, ‘House of the Penitent Bookseller’, ‘House of the Actor of Mystery Plays’ all give a flavour of the ghosts who haunt these powdery pages, though one of my favorite poems was simply called ‘House of the Sculptor’. I heard a echo of Louise Bourgeois in the sculptor’s sometimes brutal renovations of her ill-fitting tower, culminating in a solitary night vigil: When she was satisfied, she placed a red armchair on the roof. There, from the midnight of her saint’s day, she would sit alone, watching for dawn. An accomplished sequence of prose poems, verse, and carefully cropped black-and-white photography, the book is…

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