" /> Stained Light - Naomi Foyle
Book Four of the Gaia Chronicles
Book Four of the Gaia Chronicles

Astra Ordott tried – and failed – to deny her destiny.

For over ten years Astra has lived as a traitor, hated by most of her fellow prisoners and abused by the guards. She made the ultimate sacrifice to save those she loved, voluntarily giving up her freedom when she handed herself over to the Is-Land authorities. Now long-simmering conflicts are beginning to boil over again as the wider world faces devastating threats both old and new. Non-Land and Is-Land are further from reunification than ever.

Outside Astra’s fortified Gaian homeland, an infertility crisis is threatening the survival of the human race, while the world’s reliance on rare earth metals is infuriating the ancient spirits of the planet. Astra may have found her voice as a messenger of cosmic harmony – but is anyone listening?



Praise for Stained Light and the Gaia Chronicles

‘For Hunger Games fans of all ages’ – Library Journal (USA)

Although the novel is set in the future, many of its themes explore the nature of sexual identity and family structure. There is also a strong ecological theme looking at man’s use of the world’s natural resource. But the greatest theme is that of personal and political inequalities. There is little in my mind to doubt that Foyle has meant the reader to spot the analogist connection in what is happening between Is-Land and Non-Land and the conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians. Whatever her personal thoughts on the matter, she is fairly even handed when looking at the characters’ motivations and she has written in a level of nuance, which precludes the simple idea that things are either right or wrong, or that people can be separated into the good and the bad. – Charles Packer, SciFi Online