" /> The Blood of the Hoopoe - Naomi Foyle
Book Three of the Gaia Chronicles
Book Three of the Gaia Chronicles

Astra is the long prophesied icon of unification for the peoples of Non-Land . . . but is she ready to accept her destiny?

War is breaking out in Kadingir. Still struggling to accept her role as a long prophesied icon of unification between Is-Land and Non-Land, Astra Ordott is on a journey across the wind sands to join her father and his people – the mystics of Shiimti, who claim to hold the secret of truly healing the damaged relationship between human beings and the Earth.

Astra’s desperate to get there quickly, but when her guide and companion, the shepherd Muzi, leads her off course into the path of a vicious sandstorm, she is forced to confront what the gods of their devastated world might be telling her: that there will be no refuge from her destiny.



Praise for The Blood of the Hoopoe

Naomi Foyle is an excellent writer . . . She can amuse, horrify and pull at your heartstrings in equal measure. Her descriptions of Is-Land and Non-Land are extremely vivid, her skills as a poet translating into enchantingly lyrical [visions]. – Strange Horizons

In this novel, Astra takes us further into the polluted wasteland that lies beyond the paradise she grew up in. It is a place littered with the remains of crimes against Gaia and the evidence of the foolish wars fought in the region. It gives Astra new insights into the world and its history, some of which the Gaian elders did not think needed to be included in her education. The place she travels through is a fascinating mix of truly ancient references and more modern history and mythology . . .  The Gaia theory inspired politics are slightly less prominent in the book but still very noticeable. It’s a combination that continues to attract me. –  Val’s Random Comments

[The] characters are incredibly well-handled, their inner worlds shown with insight and skillful prose, and the story was never less than engaging and gripping. It also sets us up nicely for what I imagine will be a great ending volume. – Bryan Wigmore, author of The Goddess Project

The Blood of the Hoopoe beautifully marries together . . . the magic, the mythology, the spirituality of Astra, with the complicated and multi-faceted political and moral issues of Rook Song . . . I just loved how complicated this book was, how it simplified nothing and didn’t hesitate to show all sides of the conflict, how motivations and goals and hopes can clash even among people who believe themselves to be on the same side. I also very much loved (even if, like Astra, I’m not yet sure I understand) Foyle’s take on what is wrong with humanity and how it must be fixed. I mean, I just loved it. And I don’t understand why this series isn’t far more popular than it is – it feels so utterly necessary. I can’t wait for book four! – Siavahda (Goodreads, 5 stars. Posted with permission.)