A street sign reading Dark Lane: Leading to Strange Garden

Latest Publication: Importents

The cover of Importents by Naomi Foyle. The cover image, an artwork by John Luke Chapman, depicts a rocky vortex, a black void surrounded by folds of what could be cloth or stone.

Importents, Naomi Foyle’s tenth poetry pamphlet, charts the converging crises of contemporary Britain on a long arc of austerity politics and historic injustice. A state of the nation address from a bunker in Brighton, Importents was published in July 2021 by Waterloo Press. 

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Latest Full Poetry Collection: Adamantine

Cover of Adamantine: a young woman holding an hourglassIn Adamantine, Naomi Foyle demonstrates again her dazzling formal range and broadens her commitment to an uncompromising internationalism and the stubborn truths of female experience. Published by Red Hen/Pighog Press (US/UK), Adamantine was launched in New York City in the summer of 2019, followed by a tour of Western Canada funded by the Canada Council for the Arts. It was published in Britain on Dec 11th 2019.

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