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Having fasted outside the circle of starvation
Giving up when the poem was complete

Having barely tasted the acid retch of hunger
While longing for the comfort of defeat

Having having having always needed food
To bless me when there was no-one near to eat

My words are white: like noise, like heat, like hate
My dreams are black: whole worlds that cannot wait


Red Hot & Bothered (Lansdowne Press, 2003)

Winner of the 2008 Apples and Snakes The Book Bites Back Competition

An exquisitely designed pamphlet of early poems – some later included in The Night Pavilion and The World CupRed Hot & Bothered was commissioned by poet and painter Graham Ackroyd, and features original artwork by Richard Miles.  For more poems from RH&B, with artwork by Nadja Gabriela Plein and a videopoem co-created by Anneliese Holles, please see the Audio/Visual pages.

Warning: This booklet was created under the influence of the planet Mars, & contains poetry on the themes of sex, death and taxes.

‘I am impressed by Naomi Foyle’s poems.  Closely observed & engaging, they exhibit a first-rate intelligence and a sly, appealing humour.’ ~ Brendan Cleary