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Boys in a Syrian refugee camp

I haven’t posted about Syria this week because I’ve been thinking a lot about what to say. In recent weeks I’ve met people who’ve told me that: 1) Assad has to stay because otherwise Syria will end up being controlled by a US-Wahhabi-Zionist alliance, and Christianity will be wiped out in the Middle East – once there is peace, though, then he can removed from power by the UN; 2) that the White Helmets belong to ISIS; 3) that after the first gas attack in Ghouta Israeli gas canisters were found – that is to say, the attack was an IDF false flag, which is why the West never responded to it 4) that we don’t know who is responsible for the attacks, or if gas has even been used. I don’t mention these claims because I want to debate them. I’ve already debated them in person. But as everyone…

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