" /> Urban Pillow - Naomi Foyle

Urban Pillow is the spoken word/electronica duo Naomi Foyle and Richard Miles.

‘Forgive the Rain’ (34’33”). Featuring poems by Rumi and Naomi Foyle and recordings of zippers and steam engines (1997).

‘Not Quite Arrived’ (5’19”). From the limited edition CD Aphrodite’s Answering Machine (2003), a prose-poem about transience and vulnerability, inspired by Lady Godiva, Nico’s passport (‘No Fixed Address’), an elegant Montreal squatter, and a cocktail bar in Seoul.

‘Liberties’ (3’16”).  Two libertines in a Montreal railyard meet Jean Genet and a pack of stray dogs. A shaggy ink cap story from Aphrodite’s Answering Machine.

Last but not least, ‘Good Definition’ (3’41”). From Aphrodite’s Answering Machine, a spot of Anglo-Saxon up-frontery . . . also available in The Night Pavilion, and as a videopoem here.