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The sub shining through clouds over a wetlands marsh, Sunderland Point, Lancashire

What a year it’s been. Much as I believe in active hope, I found the General Election result incredibly demoralising. Not only was the Conservative majority achieved with a minority of the popular vote, and the bullying help of a billionaire media, I just can’t see how Brexit can be ‘done’ without destroying the United Kingdom. But Tory voters don’t seem to care about Scotland or peace in Northern Ireland, or homelessness and food banks, or rising levels of inequality and racism, as evidenced by the dreadful antisemitic violence and vandalism we saw over Hanukkah.¬†And that’s not even mentioning constitutional changes, post-truth politics and the devastating impact five years of Conservative rule will have on the environment. Enraged and bruised, I took time off social media over Christmas to recover, heading up North to spend time with family and friends. Chatting with Big Issue sellers in the rubble of the…

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